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Saddlers around Australia know the name Bob Wattus or, more particularly, the Wattus Saddle Tree. Now it’s the turn of the next generation – the Wattus Cormick family.



“They inherit all my years of trial, sometimes error, which went into perfecting the modern-day saddle tree. I’m proud that they are taking it forward. My experience is one of tradition and a long list of satisfied clients around the world of horses.”   - Bob Wattus 

Life In A Saddle

The key to a good saddle is comfort and durability. The best analogy is a pair of shoes that fit and wear well. In both cases there’s a lot of history, design, knowledge and craftsmanship. But there’s a unique key to the saddle and it’s called The Tree. Put simply it’s the framework, the very foundation around which the saddle is constructed.


Shoes and boots that hurt are quickly discarded. Saddles are expensive so it is vital that the critical function – the tree – is right for both horse and rider.

The art of Tree building is in our blood and is now an honoured tradition for the Wattus Cormick Family.

Why Us

We specialise in the most important aspect of a quality saddle – the tree.  Yes, we draw on customer feedback and satisfaction, and our own expertise developed over a quarter of a century.


We also deploy state-of-the art technology in fitting and in the composite carbon-fibre that is now the basis of the tree. Strength is a major objective.

As saddle-tree builders, we can tailor for most horse types or activity.  We work with you and for you.

What Riverina Saddlery has to say

What Riverina Saddlery has to say

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SADDLE TREES are the most important aspect of the saddle. It is what insures the proper fit of the horse, balance of the rider, and overall strength of the saddle.

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